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Thanks be to God ✝️

An Easter without church, a birthday without a party, a graduation without a ceremony.

How bad is it really 🤔. Our church is always in our home. Our celebrations are always in our hearts. Our joy always comes from within.💞

The resurrection is and has always been more about Jesus rising from his tomb… it’s about the power of his resurrection .. and the change that has manifested in us all. 💫

Remember, more will happen, according to Gods plan. He wants to create something new; to grow in the newfound unity we have found in our families. The new found unity as we all suffer from the same vulnerability. ✝️

We continually ruined Gods creation, now it’s time to begin anew. We are to trust that God is not only going to return us to where we were; but to bring about something new -Something glorious.. – something magnificent. 🤩

We are more than our sinfulness; more than our shame and resentment or failures. We allowed those things to define us for so long. 💒

Come out of our tombs, things we are holding onto. Our lives are more than our sins, our failures.. ⛪️

Look for ways in which we imitate how the lord acts. Encourage those who are lost. Help those who are in need. Give back and give thanks for all you are blessed with and bless others as well. Be the aspiration. Lead, Believe – Let Christ rise within us. ✝️

Our examples our actions, our love and light.. will help to save and will change the world 🌎✨💫🙏🏼


Published by Annarella3

Mom of 2 girls and a 4 yr old furson. 👩‍👧‍👧🐾Positive to a fault,🌈✨💫 sarcastic, 💁🏻‍♀️hotmess 👸🏻who loves to cook,👩🏻‍🍳 laugh,🤣😂😅 dance 💃🏻and eat🍪🎂🍫 (mostly sweets) #mangia. 100% Italian 🇮🇹 #mola #puglia #bari oh and recently obsessed with #tiktoks 🤦🏻‍♀️👍👸🏻

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